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How Alternative Funding Preserved an Entrepreneur’s Legacy

A beloved businessman who had enough passion for tattoo culture to inspire a miniature empire, the late founder of a tattoo supply firm was a beloved businessman. His accomplishments have resulted in a long-lasting firm. They provide tattoo and piercing equipment, as well as original items and are one of the leading ink suppliers to tattoo shops. The business is built on a passion for tattooing and the culture that surrounds it.

They, like many small enterprises, ran into unforeseeable, yet all-too-common financial difficulties in late 2014, threatening to close the doors. They needed to resupply soon because their inventory was low, but they didn't have the funds to do so. The entrepreneur and his team looked for a standard bank loan, but they discovered that banks merely added to their stress and provided no answer to this pressing issue. He had to obtain money in another means due to the loan's stringent requirements and lengthy application process.

For assistance, he turned to non-traditional lenders. That's when he came across Arcarius LLC and received the financing he needed to keep his company afloat. Arcarius is a merchant cash advance specialist (MCAs). MCAs examine applications in a matter of minutes and do not require any collateral. By January 2015, Arcarius had approved the application and was able to fund the tattoo artist. Sadly, the founder passed away, but his company continues to operate and has remained a reliable client of Arcarius

"Because of the cash, we were able to refill our inventory and increase our business," a long-time employee and HR Payroll Accountant told us. Arcarius is a favourite of ours." It's not every day that a finance company receives such high accolades! She has kept her commercial ties with Arcarius since she knows they want her company to succeed and have her best interests at heart. Arcarius is honoured to have played a role in their success. They know they can always come to Arcarius for support if unanticipated financial troubles emerge.

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