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Selecting the Most Appropriate Small Business Financing Options

Small business owners seeking information on small business loans must first determine which business loan options are most appropriate for their investment. Is the loan for a specified period of time? Credit line? Financing to ensure rapid cash flow?

The process of obtaining small business financing is distinct from that of obtaining personal loans. The purpose for which you are borrowing money for your business can influence the type of business loan you select. Similarly, the loans or small business funding you require for business renovations may be different than the loans or small business funding you require if you are experiencing a short-term cash flow problem and require a working capital loan to manage cash flow.

Where do businesses obtain the information necessary to make sound financing decisions regarding business loans? Which types of loans are available? While traditional financing options such as bank loans are frequently difficult for the average small business owner to obtain, there are still numerous alternative financing loan options available with us.

The most frequently purchased types of equipment using equipment financing funds are as follows:

  • Computers, Fax Machines, and Photocopiers, etc.
  • Manufacturing Equipment for Industrial Kitchens
  • Fleets of Vehicles
  • Construction Machinery
  • Medical Instruments and Devices
  • Manufacturing, packaging, and shipping equipment, as well as a variety of other items!


Long-Term Business Loans :- The loan terms for this type of term loan have repayment guidelines greater than 24 months up to 25 years from the small business administration. 2 to 3-year term loans are also available through companies like Funding Circle. Funding Circle is a new breed of online business lenders offering loan terms of mid-term financing. It’s recommended to review Funding Circle’s privacy practices.
Short-Term Business Loans- The loan payment terms for this type of term loan have repayment guidelines of less than 24 months.
Business Lines of Credit-The loan terms for this are a revolving line of credit and not a term loan. This credit line is usually up for renewal annually.
Alternative Financing-There are multiple non-bank products with various loan repayment guidelines and other financing options such as Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Factoring, asset-based loans, and Purchase Order Financing.
When small businesses seek initial small business financing, they must provide a track record of sales revenue to enable a finance company to assess the business's ability to repay. Loan terms and conditions will be determined by the small business's cash flow and revenue, as well as its length of operation and the business owner's personal credit (creditworthiness). Loan repayment guidelines will be determined by your qualifications.

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