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Arcarius has a distinguished and highly-regarded relationship with their merchants and brokers. Relationships built on transparency and outstanding service is what has laid the foundation for Arcarius’s success.

We understand that as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) or broker, you have a considerable list of funding companies at your disposal. Because of this, we have constructed our programs with you in mind – programs that put the broker and merchant first.

Why Partner with Arcarius?

Arcarius was founded by a group of highly experienced business owners containing a background in equities trading, entrepreneurship, and finance. This allows us to fund deals quickly, offer competitive commissions that will help you generate a significant revenue while helping to meet the working capital needs of your clients.

  • ISOs and Brokers

    Arcarius is built upon a foundation of relationships. We personalize business funding through our direct lending services.

  • What Can Our ISOs and Brokers Do For You?

    We provide an alternative method for business owners to obtain working capital. Arcarius provides:

    •   Outstanding service
    •   A thorough risk assessment to find the best solution
    •   Flexibility that may be unavailable through traditional funding methods
    •   Advisory services

  • Why Choose Arcarius?

    Our team has years of industry experience. We are dedicated to finding the proper solution for you. Our services include

    •   Straight-forward, transparent communication
    •   Relationships built on trust
    •   Conversations with specialists experienced in finance


A syndicated investment is a vehicle that allows backers and investors to couple with other reputable co-investors in the funding of a business or businesses. Are you representing a company in need of a syndicated investment? Are you an investor looking for an investment opportunity? Arcarius can help.

What Does Syndication Offer in the Way of Affinity?

What Does Syndication Offer in the Way of Affinity? Syndication allows Arcarius, ISOs or sales agents, and investors to all work together cohesively for the betterment of companies that might be turned down, neglected, or suffer unnecessarily at the hands of other traditional lending agencies. It is also a viable option for investors wishing to partner with companies or other investors, without the worry or the hassle that can complicate other, more traditional partnering ventures. An affinity fund offers the following:

  • Opportunity

    A MCA is one of the fastest loans available. Average turnaround for most business-owners is just a few days. Because the decision is weighted most heavily upon the credit card records of the company, there is a limited amount of paperwork, which accelerates the decision-making processBoth for investors to back a company with the ideals they believe in and for business owners in need of financial assistance.

  • Income

    Both from an investment aspect and from the aspect of the business requiring funds by creating new or continuing money flow.

  • Partnering

    Working with the backing of experienced and dedicated individuals with a common goal in mind, which is beneficial to all parties involved.