Business Line of Credit

Business credit lines operate more similarly to personal credit cards. Unlike a term loan, which provides a lump sum of cash up-front and is repaid over a specified period of time, a business line of credit is significantly more flexible. For instance, you can access a pool of funds as needed up to the amount of your credit limit.

This type of financing usually has a principal amount as well as interest. When your payments are due, however, you are only responsible for paying interest on the current balance. Furthermore, rates and costs are subject to change based on the borrower's credit score and qualifications.

Arcarius can assist you if you are interested in obtaining a business line of credit. We've assisted countless small business owners across the country in obtaining the funding they require, whether it was through credit lines or one of our many other types of commercial loans.

What Is the Best Business Line of Credit?

Business lines of credit do not always have fixed terms, and instead of receiving a lump sum of cash, you can draw money up to the line of credit limit and repay it indefinitely. The primary distinction between a short-term and a medium-term line of credit is the maximum funding amount, the minimum credit score requirement, the qualification requirements, and possibly the interest rate. Naturally, we must determine that you are a responsible borrower prior to approving you for a small business line of credit.

There are essentially two types of credit lines available through online lenders such as Arcarius. Both secured and unsecured business lines of credit provide borrowers with significant flexibility for their small businesses

Why Should I Use a Line of Credit for My Small Business?

In a single word: adaptability! Business owners appreciate being able to access funds whenever they need them and only paying interest on the balance owed. Additionally, making monthly payments is simple, allowing you to manage your cash flow more effectively than ever before! You may spend the funds in virtually any way you wish! Numerous popular applications for our business line of credit services include the following:

  • Instant access to funds
  • Instant working capital
  • Funds for inventory expansion
  • Financing for short-term cash flow emergencies


Because it's a high-risk business, not all banks prioritise providing business lines and small business loan options. To apply for a credit line, most banks will require you to have a business bank account with them and will have strict guidelines. If you need a business line of credit, you can always turn to alternative lenders or your local credit union.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) not only provides business loans, but it also provides lines of credit through the CAPLines Program.

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