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Hotel & Motel

As with any investment-intensive business, operating a motel or hotel can be costly. While you are in the service industry, you are still selling an accommodation product while providing a high level of service.

Hotels and motels require capital investments to fund expansions, new hires, and upgrades. Business owners require business financing to alleviate their concerns about how to renovate their facilities in order to attract more customers. The majority of hotel and motel owners have difficulty obtaining traditional loans, as lenders view this type of business as high risk.

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Arcarius is committed to assisting hotel and motel business owners in increasing their revenues through the provision of business financing.

A steady cash flow is essential for businesses in the hospitality industry because it allows them to invest in marketing strategies and renovation fees in order to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Our trusted lender for fast business funding can help you with merchant cash advances, reverse consolidation, and other financing options.

Bank lenders consider the hotel and motel industry to be a high-risk venture, primarily because the success of the business is dependent on external factors. The health of the local economy and the level of tourism in a given area frequently play a significant role in determining the risk assessment of a hotel or motel that is applying for bank financing. Hotel owners need to get the right financing to meet their business needs and help them plan for the future.

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Because every business is different, our funding is tailored to meet your specific requirements. The application process is typically quick and simple, and you will receive the funds you require quickly.
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Hotel and motel owners have a variety of lending options available to them through Arcarius, which is an alternative type of funding. Our application process is primarily concerned with what you have created as well as the overall health of your company. This means that when it comes to obtaining approval for your funding, we are not primarily concerned with your credit score.

We also provide payment schedule flexibility based on the volume of sales generated by your company. Take advantage of our merchant advance programme, which has no late fees or penalties attached to it. To learn more about your working capital options, speak with one of our in-house customer service representatives, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.