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Pricing and Underwriting Analyst

  • Review and Analyze client financial documentation to assess their credit risk profile and determine funding portfolio best suited to meet their financial needs;

  • Utilize financial knowledge and market analysis to assess clients’ financial performance and propose integral solutions to assist them in obtaining secured and unsecured financing solutions;

  • Mitigate default risk and increase business profitability; Perform timely review of market and merchant’s performance, pricing conditions, and request price and loan amount modifications as required;

  • Determine potential impact of new products and processes on clients’ short and long-term growth;

  • Keep up to date on US lending and banking legislation to determine impact on risk exposure; Negotiate and determine amount, contract rates, and facility terms with merchants and stakeholders;

  • Utilize financial and credit risk knowledge to assess cash flow generation, assign risk ratings to merchants, including merchants with transnational assets and businesses, and approve financial solutions consistent with the company’s risk profile, market, and customer requirements;

  • Work with internal stakeholders to assess core processes, solicit and provide feedback to meet overall business goals and ensure delivery of desired outcomes;

  • Conduct meetings with internal stakeholders to collaborate on optimizing company’s performance, increasing profitability; Define and manage proper controls for merchant’s financials and current and future performance;

  • Identify key risks and mitigating factors of potential investments, such as asset types and values, legal and ownership structures, professional reputations, customer bases, and industry segments;


Masters in Global Management/Business Administration/Finance plus one year experience in risk assessment, financial sensitivity analysis, credit/market risks, short/long term loan analysis and developing audit processes. Foreign education accepted.

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