Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance, or MCA (alternatively referred to as a Future Receivables Purchase and Sale Agreement), is a loan made to a business in exchange for a fixed percentage of future credit card and/or overall sales at a discount. The business must repay the advance until a greater amount (purchased amount) is paid in full than the specified amount (purchase price). This process is unique in that it allows for flexible payments (a percentage of credit card or overall sales) that fluctuate in the future in accordance with sales revenue. The "factor rate" is the difference between the large upfront payment and the specified amount (purchase price) or payback amount.

Merchant Cash Advances are not calculated on the basis of principal and interest rates; rather, they are calculated on the basis of a flat discount or factor cost. Unless expressly stated in your merchant cash advance loan agreement, there is no early payment discount for repaying the advance in full early (check your repayment terms in your agreement). An MCA is not a loan secured by daily credit card sales or overall sales, as it is not a short-term loan, but rather a discount on future sales and/or credit card transactions. It is correct that merchant cash advances do not come with a personal guarantee for the business owner, but rather a guarantee of the business owner's performance. This product is a short-term funding solution for businesses that require money quickly to maintain cash flow.

How Is A Merchant Cash Advance Loan Used In Conjunction With Credit Card Sales?

Merchant cash advance loan companies make a cash payout to small businesses upfront in exchange for the business owner selling future transactions at a discount and agreeing to repay a higher amount, called the specified amount. Repayment is based on a fixed percentage of future card sales collected directly from the small business merchant processor or a "lockbox" connected to the merchant processing each time the small business "batches out" credit card transactions until the payback (specified amount) obligation is met. The estimated repayment period is typically between six and eighteen months, depending on the risk of the file, but could be longer due to the repayment being contingent on future credit card transactions and coming directly from the business bank account

Arcarius approval qualifications are easier than traditional business loan financing because of this unique repayment process.

To be eligible for MCAs, a small business owner must have the following:

  • A volume of daily credit card sales through the merchant account that is acceptable.
  • Acceptable personal credit cards with a payment history.
  • Acceptable business bank statements This type of business financing enables you to have lower average daily credit card balances on your business bank statements while also allowing for some overdrafts/NSFs.


Not all MCA providers are created equal. Always request detailed disclosures from merchant cash advance companies when receiving offers that include all terms and conditions applicable to the application. Additionally, your merchant cash advance loan and merchant cash advance business loan provider's qualification standards may vary.
An Arcarius Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a financial solution that provides your business with an upfront lump sum of capital. In return, you agree to repay it through a percentage of your daily credit card sales along with a fee. It's not a traditional loan but rather an advance against your future credit card sales.
Unlike traditional loans with fixed monthly payments, Arcarius MCAs involve daily or weekly deductions from your credit card sales until the advance, plus associated fees, is fully repaid.
Arcarius MCAs are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including covering short-term expenses, purchasing inventory, financing marketing campaigns, or managing cash flow.
Qualification typically depends on factors such as your credit card sales history, time in business (usually at least six months), and minimum monthly credit card sales volume. To explore your eligibility, please reach out to us at
The application process typically involves providing your business bank statements, credit card processing statements, and completing an application form. Approval times may vary. To learn more, please reach out to us at
The funding amount is usually determined by your monthly credit card sales volume and can range from a few thousand dollars to a fixed percentage of your monthly sales.
The cost of an Arcarius MCA is represented by the "factor rate" or fee, which is typically a fixed percentage of the advance amount. This fee is added to the total repayment amount.
Repayment involves a daily or weekly deduction from your credit card sales until the MCA, plus the fee, is fully paid off. The percentage deducted is predetermined in the MCA agreement.
Repayment amounts fluctuate with your daily credit card sales. When sales are high, you pay more, and when they're low, you pay less. This flexibility can be advantageous but may pose challenges during slow periods.
The terms of early repayment can vary among MCAs. Some may have penalties for early repayment, while others might offer discounts for early payoff. It depends on the specific terms of your Arcarius MCA agreement.
Approval rates can vary among MCA providers and depend on factors like your credit card sales history and business performance. Generally, MCAs have higher approval rates compared to traditional loans. To learn more, please reach out to us at
MCAs are typically treated as purchases of future receivables, not loans. Therefore, they may have different tax treatment. It's advisable to consult with a tax advisor for guidance tailored to your specific situation.
In order to qualify, a new company must have generated revenue for at least six months. Startup businesses are not eligible for this programme. In the absence of established revenue, funders are unable to determine whether or not to cash advance a merchant.

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